Baby Shower Games – are they important?

Baby shower games are seen as an integral part of any baby shower but they don’t have to be the sole focus unless you choose them to be. If you have a number of guests then a low key game such as a baby themed trivia can be a good ice breaker to encourage mingling. It gives everyone an immediate focus. Small events may not need an ice breaker and games certainly are not a necessity but something fun like designing bibs for the new mummy to keep can be a lovely addition if there is a bit of down-time to fill.

If you would rather avoid games altogether then crack open the champagne, pour the alcohol-free cocktails and engage in some good old fashioned chatter with plenty of laughter and advice for mummy-to-be!


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How Many Baby Showers?

I’m often asked whether it’s acceptable to have a baby shower for a 2nd baby. It depends what you’d like to achieve – if you are only after the gifts then, no, it’s not really acceptable to have more than one…. I would hope though that this isn’t the reason for having a baby shower!

If it’s support and advice and a bit of girlie gossip with tea and cake thrown in then have as many baby showers as you need! I didn’t have a baby shower for my 2nd child because I thought, having had one, that I knew it all. How wrong I was! I needed more support with baby number two than I did with my first.

For my first daughter I’d read all the books, attended classes and scanned the internet for every snippet of information I could glean about how to welcome my first child to the world and how to care for her. With my 2nd daughter I didn’t think I needed to do any research because I’d done it all already. We had her just after moving house and she was a very difficult baby – unlike number one. It was all a huge shock.

I could have really done with some advice and support – coping with a baby with a toddler running loose is tough. You get zero down time! If someone had thrown me a baby shower and offered me a support network to lean on I would have been so grateful. Unfortunately I’m the first of my friends to have babies so it didn’t quite work out…. I know what to do for my friends though whether the first baby, second, third, fourth……

Baby showers aren’t about the gifts, get the advice cards at the ready!

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