Baby Shower Venue – Where Do You Start?

Okay, so you’d like to host a baby shower but where on earth do you have it? It’s not an easy question to answer and a lot depends on your location and budget. The cheapest solution is at someone’s home. If the weather is lovely then a garden tea party is my first suggestion – for a quintessentially English tone. Think elegant baby themed cupcakes and cookies, dainty sandiwches, floral teapots…. If the weather is vile then a conservatory or sitting room is fine. Don’t go over the top with baby themes – less is more. Vintage themes, butterflies, floral arrangements, cookie bouquets and cake stands laden with yummy desserts always go down a treat!

If a venue is preferred then a hotel lounge, conservatory, private room or restaurant work very well. Private rooms are better if you can afford them because you have the space to spread out and you don’t need to worry about annoying other diners with all the baby-talk and girlie giggles. Pink champagne? Always goes down well with the guests. We have a range of venues we recommend – cosy rooms with sofas and comfy chairs are the most popular. I always look for elegant and beautiful yet relaxed and homely spaces. If you would like some suggestions then get in touch. The venue is just the beginning to creating a lovely afternoon or evening event.


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