Baby Shower Power!

 “No one says, while unwrapping a Tiffany rattle, that during those first weeks, you will feel like you’re drowning in an abyss, or that you will eat like a woman possessed; or that there’s never anything to wear; or that you can’t sleep when you want to; or that visitors come when they shouldn’t. Not to mention the trauma of expressing, nipple thrush, haemorrhoids and depression”.

There is a notion that most baby shower gatherings don’t achieve what they are meant to – the realities of motherhood are skipped over. It’s not surprising really given the somewhat gruesome details that could be shared whilst having tea and cake! Should baby showers really be about sharing all this useful but rather scary information? It does sound worse than it actually is and for some it really isn’t half as bad as expected. Who are you to tell a mum-to-be that she’s going to get depression, nipple thrush and goodness knows what else – your experiences could be totally different.

A baby shower should be a girlie event (most men would agree), a gathering of the nearest and dearest to have a giggle and offer support before baby arrives. There needn’t be a structure; there needn’t even be presents (shock, horror!).

It’s about creating a support network so mum-to-be knows who she can call on if she needs a helping hand or simply a chat over the phone. A sneaky game or two could be added to get a few giggles going but nothing too over the top or blatantly tacky. Woefully embarrassing games put the fear in to your guests so simply avoid them. Baby trivia is a good one to play and can bring out some surprising facts for discussion – a great ice breaker if some guests don’t know each other.

Most importantly just relax. There is no format – it’s not a wedding. It’s all about the mum-to-be and getting the girls together – perhaps for the last time in a little while!


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