How Many Baby Showers?

I’m often asked whether it’s acceptable to have a baby shower for a 2nd baby. It depends what you’d like to achieve – if you are only after the gifts then, no, it’s not really acceptable to have more than one…. I would hope though that this isn’t the reason for having a baby shower!

If it’s support and advice and a bit of girlie gossip with tea and cake thrown in then have as many baby showers as you need! I didn’t have a baby shower for my 2nd child because I thought, having had one, that I knew it all. How wrong I was! I needed more support with baby number two than I did with my first.

For my first daughter I’d read all the books, attended classes and scanned the internet for every snippet of information I could glean about how to welcome my first child to the world and how to care for her. With my 2nd daughter I didn’t think I needed to do any research because I’d done it all already. We had her just after moving house and she was a very difficult baby – unlike number one. It was all a huge shock.

I could have really done with some advice and support –┬ácoping with a baby with a toddler running loose is tough. You get zero down time! If someone had thrown me a baby shower and offered me a support network to lean on I would have been so grateful. Unfortunately I’m the first of my friends to have babies so it didn’t quite work out…. I know what to do for my friends though whether the first baby, second, third, fourth……

Baby showers aren’t about the gifts, get the advice cards at the ready!


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